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20 years ago we were pioneers in taking the adventure to the skies of the South Caribbean of Costa Rica, with the conviction of being able to do it while causing minimum impact.

The NATIVO footprint will be embedded in memory and will leave a space for future generations to learn and enjoy a clean, sustainable and adventure-filled environment.

WE RESPECT THE ENVIRONMENT: We use as much environmentally friendly products possible. We promote the use of organic repellent by offering it for free to our clients in our adventure  park. 


We reforest our 44-hectare property with the help of our visitors, educating them and involving them in the planting of native species.


WE SUPPORT THE COMMUNITY: We support local sports- and community activities. We invest part of our income in developing social, environmental, and cultural aid projects. We give natives equal opportunities to be part of our staff, including management positions.


WE RESPECT THE FLORA AND FAUNA: We developed an environmentally friendly infrastructure so that our canopy would be a place without invasive constructions or alterations that could disturb the flora and fauna of our forest. Our cables are made of carbon fiber which does not produce noise pollution out of respect for the wildlife that lives in the jungle.


WE PROMOTE ENVIRONMENTAL EDUCATION: During our tours we impart the knowledge to our clients that forests, cultures and communities have been given to us to achieve an understanding and harmony between people and nature. This forms the footprint that Nativo seeks to leave with our clients and our environment. Teach, build communities, create awareness and be the change the planet needs to maintain its ecosystems.


WE APPLY THE RULES OF THE 6 R – REDUCE, REUSE, RECYCLE, REVALORIZE, RESTRUCTURE, AND REDISTRIBUTE: We use glasses and a water purifier to avoid the purchase of bottled water. We maintain strict care and control of our work tools so that they last their useful life, avoiding the purchase of new ones without need. We promote recycling in our community, organizing periodic campaigns and getting actively involved. When we choose our suppliers, we value those that have environmental policies in accordance to ours. We promote fair trade- and work systems, local producers and are committed to the environment and social welfare. 

All of our platforms and bridges are made of recycled plastic wood or wood harvested from fallen wood in our forest, avoiding over-exploitation, and understanding that the resource capacity of forests is limited.

CONSERVATION: We contribute to the planet’s biodiversity by conserving and reforesting our 44-hectare property where our adventure park is located.